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1. What can I expect from the mandatory testing program?
2. How long is the mandatory testing requirement expected to last?
3. To stop participating in weekly testing, I know I have to be “fully vaccinated” - what exactly does that mean?
4. Am I expected to undergo mandatory testing regardless of my personnel status (part-time, temporary, etc.)?
5. Am I expected to undergo mandatory testing even if I’m working 100% remotely?
6. If I haven't received the vaccine but already had COVID-19, do I still need to undergo mandatory testing?
7. What kind of test will I need to take?
8. How frequently do I need to be tested?
9. Do I need to be tested on a certain day/time each week?
10. Is testing available onsite at my work location or do I need to go offsite for testing?
11. Is testing required on work or personal time?
12. Will I be compensated for any testing that happens on my personal time?
13. How long will I need to wait to receive my test results?
14. Can I continue working while I wait for my test results to come in?
15. How will I receive my test results?
16. Who will have access to my test results?
17. What happens if my test results indicate that I tested positive for COVID-19?
18. What happens if my test results indicate that I tested negative for COVID-19?
19. If I tested at a free testing site, will I still need to pay the vaccine surcharge?
20. When can I stop testing after I have been vaccinated?
21. Are employers really allowed to mandate testing for their employees?
22. Why isn't the City planning to test all employees, regardless of vaccination status — especially since vaccinated individuals can still transmit COVID-19?
23. What will happen if I’m unable to get tested for reasons outside of my control?
24. What will happen if I refuse to get tested?
25. How do I make a request for reasonable accommodations?