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Utilities Statement Application

  1. Applicants should refer to the Reference Guide for Development (RGD), Future Land Use Map (FLUM), Fire Flow Map and Wastewater Basins Map when completing this form. Complete all the questions below and click submit to send this form to the Utility Engineering Division of the Department of Water Management (DWM). Then submit payment using the parcel ID to identify your payment. When multiple parcels are involved in a project, please use the parcel ID of the largest parcel. DWM will review the information, schedule a meeting to discuss the proposed project, determine the required utility extensions and issue a Summary Utility Development Statement (SUDS). Please contact 919-560-4381 ext. 35268 for assistance completing this form.


  3. Does the project have an approved Utility Extension Agreement?

  4. Was a RUS or UIA previously submitted for this project?

  5. Are there changes from the original RUS or UIA?


  7. Are you installing only private water utilities?

  8. Will you be abandoning any meters?

    Please Note: A service request must be received by Water Management from Public Works before Water Management will remove any meters.


  10. Are you installing only private sewer utilities?

  11. Are you proposing any single building with a projected wastewater flow >50,000 gpd per NC 2T Rules?

  12. Is a Lift Station proposed?

    Please Note: Water Management will only accept a lift station if: (1) a basin study indicates it will serve 150 units or more and (2) a gravity outfall cannot feasibly be constructed to serve the development. The feasibility of a gravity outfall will be determined at the discretion of Water Management.

  13. Is DWM Operation of the Lift Station proposed?

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