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External Project Request Form

  1. External Project Request Form
    Thank you for your interest in public safety and the operations of the Durham Police Department. This External Project Request form must be completed so that police department administrators understand the nature and scope of your project. Provide as much detailed information as possible to help staff determine appropriate accommodations if your external project request is approved.
  2. It is strongly recomended that the External Project Request be received by the Department at least three (3) weeks in advance of the preferred start time for project. This lead time allows for reuired internal review of the request; data and statistics gathering as necessary; and scheduling of staff, if approved. Also, be aware of the possibility that emergencies can potentially impact staff accessibility and scheduling.
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  4. Project Format
    check all that may apply
  5. Guidelines
    The Durham Police Department promotes External Projects that aim to educate the public in police operations and enhance the relationship between the Department and the community it serves.
  6. External Project Requests are reviewed by members of the department's Executive Command Staff in collaboration with staff of the department's Public Information/Public Relations Unit.
  7. The Police Department reserves the right to deny or terminate participation in an external project.
  8. Advance review of final project by Department, before public release or submission, is required to provide feedback.
  9. The use of final project (or any parts of the project) beyond the approved request is not permissible without written consent from the department.
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