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2019 Community Safety Workshop (for Businesses)

  1. Participation

    Participation is highly recommended for business owners, managers and security/loss prevention personnel. Each business is allowed two registrants maximum. Participation is limited to the first 60 persons who confirm attendance by close of business, Monday, April 1, 2019. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided to registrants.

  2. Sessions

    Robbery Prevention; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED); Preserving Forensic Evidence; and an introduction to DPD's Safe Place initiative.

  3. 2018 Special Olympics

  4. Have questions? Contact Community Resource Unit officers: (919) 560-4404 ext. 29417 (919)-560-4404 ext. 29292

  5. What Police District is your business located? If you are unsure, please review the districts map link to the right of this question)

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  9. Has your business been a direct victim of crime in the last year?

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