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Durham YouthWorks Application

  2. Career Sector(s) for company (please select best match(es) or indicate sector in “Other” field:*
  3. Career Pathway Program
    I want to help get young people excited about jobs at my company/in my career sector! I would like to participate in the following way(s) through our online program which will run three 4-week sessions over the summer:
  4. Note: While we would love to have you participate in all three 4-week sessions, that is not a requirement of being a partner or employer. You will be able to participate in any or all of the sessions based on your capacity and availability. The employer volunteers will not need to develop any materials or programs, only share their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for their industry.
  5. AND/OR
  6. Employing Young Adults in Summer 2021
    Covid-appropriate in-person or virtual/remote work experiences. Please indicate whether you are hiring regular (part-time, full-time or summer-only) employees, interns or both through the choices below.
  7. I’m hiring employees (PT, FT)! I plan to hire and train 16-24 year olds this summer.
  8. Location
  9. Training
  10. I’m hiring an intern! I plan to hire and train 16-24 year-old interns myself.
  11. Location
  12. Training
  13. Covid Safety Protocols
  14. For Companies Employing Young Adults:
  15. I plan to:
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