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Special Event Permit Application

  1. City of Durham Special Events Permit Application

    This application requires the addition of supplemental documents, and we recommend that you scroll through the entire application prior to filling it out to determine which documents you will need to upload as attachments. IMPORTANT: Before completing this application, please ensure that you have reviewed the following information 1. The City's Special Events Webpage, including the Special Events Calendar 2. The City's Special Events Guidelines

  2. This application is due at least 60 days before event date

    Please contact the Durham Special Events Coordinator at 919-560-4974 with questions or issues regarding this application. If you would like to request this application in a fillable PDF format, please contact the Special Events Coordinator.

  3. Event Description and Contact Information

  4. Are you a non-profit organization?

    If you answer yes, you will be prompted to provide a copy of your 501(c)3 status

  5. This number must be operational and onsite during event hours

  6. General Event Information

  7. Type of Event (check all appropriate)*

    Note: You may be asked to provide a map and/or route of your event depending on your responses

  8. Please check any special activities that apply to your event

  9. If your event spans multiple days, please provide the event start and end times for each day

  10. Is your event open to the general public?*

  11. Is this a fundraising project?*

  12. Is this the first time you are holding this event?*

  13. Has this event been held in other cities?

  14. Is this the first time this event is being held with current event management?

  15. Daily total

  16. Overall event total

  17. Daily total

  18. Overall event total

  19. Describe how you will maintain social distancing, sanitization, enforcement of mask wearing, etc.

  20. Police Department

  21. Will your event have music involved?

  22. Select manner of sound amplification

  23. Noise Ordinance Acknowledgement*

    Please note that all amplified sound is subject to the City's Noise Ordinance. A special event permit does not grant an event permission to violate the City's noise ordinance

  24. Do you need any public streets to be fully or partially closed or blocked?*

  25. Do you need any sidewalks to be closed or blocked off?

  26. You may alternatively attach a detailed map and turn-by-turn directions

  27. Will alcohol be served?*

    If alcohol will be served, you must obtain a permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission by contacting them or the City's ABC Coordinator, Officer Wilkinson at 919-560-4322 ext. 29173

  28. Secondary Employment Acknowledgement

    Please check that you acknowledge that you must contact Police Secondary Employment to arrange for off-duty law enforcement to be present at your event. You can contact Secondary Employment at 919-560-4222 x 29183

  29. Do you require other police services (traffic/parking direction, route layout, etc.)

    If yes, contact Police secondary employment at 919-560-4222 x 29183

  30. Will you be utilizing a private security company for additional security needs?

  31. Fire Department

  32. Will you have tents?

  33. Will your tent(s) have sides?

  34. Will sides be over 700 sq. ft?

  35. Will tent(s) be over 1800 sq. feet?

  36. Will you have built structures, such as a stage?

    Please note that built structures, such as stages, may be subject to inspections by the City's Building Inspection Team.

  37. Will you have any props or structures other than tents and stages?

  38. Fire Marshal Acknowledgment

    Please check the box acknowledging that your tent(s) may require inspection and permitting by the Fire Marshal, and you are responsible for contacting him to begin that process. The Fire Marshal may be reached at 919-560-4242 x 19240

  39. What are your plans for providing emergency medical services?*

  40. Will your event have over 1,000 total attendees?

  41. EMS Coverage Acknowledgment

    The event attendee estimate you provided indicates that you must obtain EMS coverage provided by the City or County. Please check the box acknowledging that you are responsible for contacting Durham County EMS to obtain appropriate coverage.

  42. Description of Service Company Contact Information

  43. Parks and Recreation

  44. Is your event location at a City park, trail, or DPR facility?

  45. Have you submitted the Parks and Rec use permit application and deposit?

    Please visit for more information and to submit your permit application

  46. You may attach a map at the end of the application if needed

  47. Restrooms & Site Cleanup

  48. How will you handle restroom services?

  49. Are you requesting City trash/recycling receptacles?

    If yes, please contact Solid Waste Management at 919-560-4186 (fees apply)

  50. Parking

  51. Are you requesting that parking spaces by reserved or closed during your event?

  52. Please provide block number, street name, and number of spaces for each requested location

  53. Utilities

  54. The City of Durham does not provide electricity for events. Please assess and make plans to accommodate the level of service you need.

  55. Financial Transactions

  56. Will admission, registration, or membership fees be charged?

  57. Will tickets, admission, donations, or contributions be accepted onsite?

  58. Food & Drink Sales

  59. Do you plan to sell, distribute, or give away food or refreshments?

  60. Will gas grills, propane stoves, or similar be used?

  61. Do you plan to serve alcohol?

    If yes, you must contact the Alcoholic Beverage Commission to obtain a permit

  62. Type of alcohol

    Check all that apply

  63. Advertising and Notification

  64. Acknowledgement of City's Notification Procedures

    Please refer to the Special Event Guidelines for specific requirements for community notification.

  65. Conditions of your Application

    Submitting this Special Event Permit Application does not provide permission to conduct your planned event. Please do not send out publicity, flyers, or other media prior to receiving confirmation of approval. Your confirmation will be in the form of a PERMIT, issued to the organization and/or person responsible for conducting the event. Applicants agree to remove all props and items brought into the public areas and clean up all litter and debris that result from the event the same day as the event (unless explicit arrangements are made otherwise). Issuance of a permit does NOT grant applicants permission to tow vehicles from reserved or closed areas.

  66. Final approval of the permit will be authorized by the City Manager’s designee, the Lieutenant of the Police Department’s Special Projects Division. CANCELLATION POLICY: Written notification of intent to cancel your event must be received in writing a minimum of 21 days prior to the scheduled event date. It should be received by the Special Event Coordinator at the address above or emailed to

  67. Acknowledgements*

  68. Sign and Date

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