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Simplified Special Event Permit

  1. City of Durham Special Events Simplified Permit Application

    This application replaces the simplified special events permit. This application requires the addition of supplemental documents, and we recommend that you scroll through the entire application prior to filling it out to determine which documents you will need to upload as attachments. IMPORTANT: Before completing this application, please ensure that you have reviewed the following information 1. The City's Special Events Webpage, including the Special Events Calendar 2. The City's Special Events Guidelines

  2. Please review the qualifications for submittal of a simplified special event permit application prior to completing this form. If your responses to the questions below reveal to the Special Events Review Team that your event does not in fact qualify for a simplified permit application, it will be necessary for you to re-submit the complete application, which may result in missed deadlines and a possible denial of your application.

  3. This application is due 15 business days prior to the event

    Please contact the Durham Special Events Coordinator at 919-560-4974 with questions or issues regarding this application. If you would like this permit in a fillable PDF format, please contact the Special Events Coordinator.

  4. Event Description and Contact Information

  5. Please provide the streets, neighborhood, and/or facility where your event will be located.

  6. This number must be onsite and available during the event

  7. Street Closure Information

  8. Including prep time

  9. Including breakdown time

  10. Type of Event*

    Check all appropriate

  11. Including planned activities

  12. Note: Events that close more than two blocks of any street must use the Standard Special Event Permit Application

  13. Will traffic control officers be needed?*

    Note: Events that request to use City services such as police must use the Standard Special Events Permit Application

  14. Describe how you will maintain social distancing, sanitization, enforce mask wearing, etc.

  15. Event Information

  16. Will event be open to the public?

  17. Note: Events expecting more than 500 attendees must use the Standard Special Event Permit Application

  18. Will music be involved?*

  19. Select manner of sound amplification

  20. Noise Ordinance Acknowledgement

    Please note that all amplified sound is subject to the City's Noise Ordinance. A special event permit does not grant an event permission to violate the City's noise ordinance

  21. Is this a fundraising project?

  22. Will you have a food truck on site?

    Note: Events with more than two foods trucks on site must use the Standard Special Event Permit Application

  23. Application Conditions

    Submitting this Street Closure Permit Application does not provide permission to conduct your planned event. Please do not send out publicity, flyers, or other media prior to receiving confirmation of approval. Your confirmation will be in the form of a PERMIT, issued to the organization and/or person responsible for conducting the event. Final approval of the permit will be authorized by the City Manager’s designee, the Lieutenant of the Police Department’s Central District. Applicants agree to remove all props and items brought into the public areas and clean up all litter and debris that result from the event the same day as the event. Issuance of a permit does NOT grant applicants permission to tow vehicles from reserved or closed areas.

  24. Application Acknowledgements*

    Please check the below boxes stating that you agree to adhere to City of Durham policies and procedures

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