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Proclamation Request

  1. Unless advised otherwise, all contact regarding this request will be handled by the above listed person.

  2. Sample: WHEREAS, Durham is a City that believes in the dignity and worth of each individual, regardless of color or creed; and WHEREAS, the people of Durham celebrate and enjoy a very diverse community; and WHEREAS, Durham desires to promote and maintain a wholesome climate of goodwill among individuals, groups, races, and persons of varying social, religious and economic status; and WHEREAS, Durham continues to strive for the betterment of its people and to provide a direction for the future by creating and opening doors of opportunity and affording each individual equal educational opportunities, decent housing, gainful employment and unbiased treatment; and WHEREAS, the Durham community knows that inclusion, respect and understanding of all those that work, play, worship, and live here promotes a community that we can be proud of; and WHEREAS, during these difficult times we call upon all of you to continue to contribute to mutual understanding, justice, fair treatment and equality.

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