My property is in the County, do I have to pay?

Properties outside of Durham city limits are billed under the County's requirements and are not billed by the City of Durham. For more information about stormwater utility fees for properties in Durham County and outside Durham city limits, contact Durham County Tax Administration at or 919-560-0300.

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1. What is stormwater?
2. What services do I get from paying stormwater utility fees?
3. Do you prefer monthly billing over annual?
4. I disagree with my billing tier or ERU calculation...
5. How can I find out if there is a limit on the amount of impervious surface on my lot?
6. Isn't this essentially a tax on rain water?
7. How long is my billing cycle?
8. Who is responsible for paying the stormwater utility fee?
9. Are churches and other tax-exempt properties exempt from stormwater utility fees?
10. My property is in the County, do I have to pay?
11. Why is impervious area used to determine a property's stormwater utility fee?
12. What is considered an impervious surface?
13. How is the amount of impervious area on my property calculated?
14. If stormwater causes so many problems, why don’t we treat it along with our sanitary sewage?