Isn't this essentially a tax on rain water?

The stormwater utility fee is a user fee just like the fee to have garbage collected. This fee pays to manage the stormwater runoff coming from your property. This runoff contributes to the need for a stormwater drainage system and the maintenance of this system. Maintenance activities include storm drain cleaning and repair, shoulder and ditch maintenance within the publicly owned right-of-way, and street sweeping.  In addition, state and federal requirements of having a drainage system include mitigating flooding, reducing pollution reaching our water through the drainage system, controlling erosion from construction projects, and educating the public.

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1. How was the stormwater utility fee established?
2. Why isn’t the stormwater utility fee included in my property taxes?
3. Do other cities have stormwater utility fees?
4. Isn't this essentially a tax on rain water?
5. Is the stormwater utility fee influenced by the amount of rain that falls?