Fire Department


City of Durham Fire Administration
2008 E Club Boulevard
Durham, NC 27704

DURHAM, NC 27704



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Fire Chief Robert Zoldos II

Fire Chief Robert J. Zoldos II

Administration Division 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Zoldos II, Robert Fire Chief 919-560-4242 Ext. 19257  
Iannuzzi, Christopher Deputy Fire Chief 919-560-4242 Ext. 19228  
Eaton, Brian Assistant Chief: Planning and Administration 919-560-4242, ext. 19231  
Campbell, Ryan Business Services Analyst 919-560-4242, ext. 19267  
Horton-Bailey, Latasha Fire Services Assistant 919-560-4242, ext. 19230  
Mangum, Christel Fire Services Administrator 919-560-4242, ext. 19225  
Mangum, Susan Administrative Analyst 919-560-4242, ext. 19229  
Pike, Dean Technology Support Specialist 919-560-4242, ext. 19223  
Ratliff, Maria Strategic Initiatives Coordinator 919-560-4242, ext. 19253  
Squire, Nakia Administrative Specialist 919-560-4242, ext. 19264  

Fire Operations 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sannipoli, Andrew "Andy" Assistant Chief of Operations 919-560-4242, ext. 19222  
Cole, James "Jim" Division Chief 919-560-4245  
Cremeans, Dan Division Chief 919-560-4245  
Roberts, Jeff Division Chief 919-560-4261  
Swain, David Division Chief 919-560-4245  
Baker, Bryan Battalion Chief 919-560-1126  
Bolar, Charles "Derek" Battalion Chief 919-560-1126  
Cheek, Wayne Battalion Chief 919-560-4261  
Angelica, Greene Battalion Chief 919-361-0927  
Field, Shawn Battalion Chief 919-237-4151  
Morkunas, Mitchell Battalion Chief 919-237-4151  
Parker, David Battalion Chief 919-560-1126  
Ray, Richard Battalion Chief 919-237-4151  
Sloan, Joshua Battalion Chief 919-361-0927  
Thomas, Andy Battalion Chief 919-560-4261  
Upson, Craig Battalion Chief 919-361-0927  
White, Dawn Battalion Chief 919-361-0927  

Fire Prevention 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Morton, Jody Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal 919-560-4233, ext. 19240  
Gullie, Joel Batt. Chief/Deputy Fire Marshal 919-560-4233, ext. 19244  
Brickman, Patrick Public Information & Communications Analyst 919-560-4242 Ext. 19242  
Burton, Antoine Fire Driver-Educator 919-560-4233, ext. 19242  
Fletcher, Ashley Assistant Fire Marshal    
Graves, Brian Fire Inspector    
Hicks, Martin Assistant Fire Marshal    
Kromer, Mike Assistant Fire Marshal    
Link, Brandon Assistant Fire Marshal    
Richmond, Julius Assistant Fire Marshal    
Ricks, Darius Assistant Fire Marshal    
Towner, Elaine Fire Captain-Educator 919-560-4233, ext. 19223  
Wilcox, Chris Assistant Fire Marshal    
Wrenn, Brent Assistant Fire Marshal    

Training & Safety 
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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Hall, Jr., Willie Assistant Chief of Training 919-560-4242, ext. 19251  
Hamlin, Tina Battalion Chief-EMS 919-560-4242, ext. 19226  
Allison, Brad Training Captain 919-560-4271, ext. 19367  
Gross, Don Training Captain 919-560-4271, ext. 19367  
Villines, Reginald "Reggie" Training Captain 919-560-4242, ext. 19254  
Young, David Training Captain 919-560-4271, ext. 19367  
Ford, John "Jackie" Safety 919-560-4251  
O'Dell, David Safety 919-560-4251  
Smith, Jacquelyn "Jackie" Safety 919-560-4251