September 24, 2019, 8:30 a.m.
Committee Room, 2nd Floor, City Hall
101 City Hall Plaza, Durham, NC 

Call to Order


Roll Call

Chris Burnham
Regina deLacy

Fredrick Davis
Ian Kipp
Chad Meadows, Vice Chair
Michael Retchless
Jacob Rogers, Chair
Jessica Major, Designated Alternate
Teisha Wymore

Adjustments to Agenda


Swearing-In of Witnesses


Hearing and Determination of Cases - Planning Staff

  1. Case B1800025 - City: A minor special use permit request for a place of worship within a residential zoning district. The subject site is located at 5000 Southpark Drive, is zoned Residential Suburban (RS-20); within the Falls of the Neuse/Jordan Lake Protected Area (F/J – B) Watershed Protection Overlay District, and in the Suburban Tier. 
  2. Case B1900024, B1900025, B1900039 – City: Three variance requests to decrease the required rear yard setbacks and from the street tree requirements in order to construct a single-family detached house on each lot. The subject sites are located at 108 and 112 N. Plum Street, are zoned Residential Urban [RU-5(2)], and in the Urban Tier.
  3. Case B1900033 – County:  A reasonable accommodation request from the dimensional standards of the Rural Residential zoning district in order to place a residence on a legal non-conforming lot. The subject site is located at 306 Red Mountain Road, is zoned Commercial Neighborhood (CN), within the lake Michie/Little River Protected Area (M/LR-B) Watershed Protection Overlay District, and in the Rural Tier. 
  4. Case B1900034 – City: A variance request from the frontage requirement in which a minimum 60% of the build-to zone shall be occupied by the building podium.  The subject site is located at 725 Ninth Street, zoned Compact Design Pedestrian Business [CD-P(N)], and in the Ninth Street Compact Neighborhood tier.
  5. Case B1900035 – City: A variance request to permit service area for a development on a corner lot to occupy more than 20% of the street frontage and be located within 20 feet of a building corner. The subject site is located at 214 and 216 Hunt Street, zoned Design District-Core (DD-C), and in the Downtown Tier. 
  6. Case B1900036 – City: A minor special use permit request for an addition of more than 10% of the existing floor area to a non-conforming single-family structure and a four-foot height increase from the original structure. The subject site is located at 1112 Wells Street, is zoned Residential Suburban-10 (RS-10), and in the Urban Tier.

Approval of Minutes - August 27, 2019


Approval of Orders

  1. Case B1900022
  2. Case B1800025
  3. Case B1900024
  4. Case B1900025 
  5. Case B1900033
  6. Case B1900034
  7. Case B1900035
  8. Case B1900036
  9. Case B1900039

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New Business



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