Cured-in-Place Pipe & Manhole Rehabilitation

Project Details

The City of Durham is rehabilitating approximately 76,000 linear feet of aged sanitary sewer, throughout the city, with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP). CIPP is a well established industry standard practice that involves inserting a fabric tube saturated with polyester resins into the sewer main. Hot water or steam is then circulated through the tube to initiate the curing process.

Upon cooling, the finished product will be a structurally sound, smooth, and water tight synthetic liner capable of extending the service life of the sewer by at least 50 years. Rehabilitating sewer mains by CIPP is typically much faster, less disruptive, and considerably less expensive than open cut excavations and repairs.
Pipe Rehab
Pipe Rehab 2
The sewer mains scheduled for rehabilitation this year consist of eight-inch up to 30-inch diameter pipes and are located primarily in the older parts of the city. These sewer sections have historically proven to be problematic areas for infiltration, root intrusion, and blockages. This will be the fourth project of this nature that the Department of Water Management has undertaken. We have completed nearly 150,000 linear feet of CIPP sewer line installation.

Notification of residents and businesses that will be affected by this CIPP project has begun. The project contractor will pass out weekly notices for pre-CCTV and line cleaning work. A 48-hour advance notice will be given before any CIPP work is performed. We ask that all services connected to the section of pipe(s) where work is being performed refrain from excess water usage while workers are actively working the line and until connections have been reestablished by crews.

Important Documents