Yard Waste

ALERT:   Curbside Yard Waste Collection has resumed on a modified 'every other week' schedule. Collections will only occur on Fridays. Tuesday and Wednesday customers will be collected on June 5, and Thursday and Friday customers on June 12. Collections will then occur every other week thereafter.  During this time, subscribers may also set out up to 5 biodegradable yard waste bags for collection.

Residents who are not collected on Friday must notify the City by calling 919-560-1200 before the end of business the following Monday, and a request will be generated for a follow-up. Any calls made after Monday will be noted for collection on the next service week. Please be mindful that we are doing our best to provide services while keeping our employees safe during the pandemic, and we must follow a strict protocol in order to complete missed calls safely.

Is it difficult to keep up with your new collection day? Sign up for reminders or print a calendar for yourself. We are now also accepting new customers. 

Yard waste collection is an optional fee-based program. For a $7.50 monthly fee, residents are enrolled into the yard waste program from July 1 to June 30. If you wish to subscribe, you start that process by completing the Yard Waste Application.The service fee includes one cart. If a cart is at your residence and you apply for service you will be charged the standard monthly fee of $7.50. Note that this is an annual service agreement. Yard waste customers must notify Solid Waste Management in the event of address change.

Paid subscribers are entitled to two free collections of bulky brush. The resident will be charged for any additional debris removal.

Neither dirt nor rocks are considered yard waste. Allow up to three business days for missed carts to be collected.

If you are an exempt customer and have multiple yard waste carts, only one cart will be serviced at the house. All other carts and/or bags must be brought curbside for service.

Proper Way to Prepare Yard Waste for Collection

Yard waste must be set out by 6 a.m. on the collection day. Yard waste will be collected if placed in the brown yard waste cart, brown biodegradable paper bags, and/or bundled appropriately.

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Renewals & Cancellations

Renewals occur annually in July. Reminders will be delivered to customers who pay monthly, through the Citizens' Newsletter enclosed with the quarterly water bill. Reminders will be sent to residents using several of the city's outreach methods such as Facebook and Twitter, DTN (City's government television channel on Time Warner Cable channel 8), and in the City Manager's Report. Certainly this has been an abnormal time, and we are committed to working with you and being flexible.

Well water customers have previously been charged for the full year. We are exploring a monthly billing option. In the meantime, since well water customers prepaid for July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020, those customers will not have bills due until October 1 so those customers receive the same 3 months of credit that all other yard waste customers did. 

This is an annual service agreement. Automatic annual renewal will occur July 1st of each year, unless we receive a cancellation request at least 10 business days in advance. If you elect to cancel within the service year, any remaining amount due will be charged to your monthly water bill.

  1. Carts
  2. Bundles
  3. Bags
  • No personal containers or garbage carts will be collected. 
  • Biodegradable bags can be used. 
  • Cart is rolled to the curb with the bar facing towards the street. 
  • Cart lid should be closed. 
  • If lid cannot close, yard waste can extend only two feet out of container
  • Weight of container must not exceed 175 pounds.
Exempt customers
If you are an exempt customer and have multiple yard waste carts, only one cart will be serviced at the house. All other carts and/or bags must be brought curbside for service.