Bulky Items

Bulky item collection is offered every week. A maximum of 3 bulky items can be placed on the curb the same day as your normal household collection for garbage and recycling. When residential garbage crews come through to pick up green and blue roll out carts, they will record locations where bulky items are on the curb and the next day a bulky crew will come back to collect up to three (3) items. When disposing of appliances, all food and debris must be removed prior to collection. Remove or secure doors to eliminate potential hazards to children. When disposing of lawn equipment, gasoline, oil and any other fluids must be fully removed before collection.

Proper method to prepare a bulky item(s) for collection

Bulky Brush
Yard waste customers are entitled to two (2) free bulky brush pickups per year as part of their paid subscription service. Call 919-560-1200 to schedule an appointment for bulky brush collection. Your bulky brush must not exceed 4 cubic yards, which is approximately equal to one average size pickup truck. Excess debris is subject to additional charges that must be approved by the customer before collection will be made.
Proper Bulky Brush Placement
proper brush placement
Safety Requirements
Items are picked up mechanically using a special "boom truck". For safety reasons, items placed for collection must NOT be placed under low hanging wires or tree limbs. Do NOT cover or obstruct water meters, fire hydrants, telephone boxes, etc. with items or brush to be collected. Also, do NOT place items near or on top of underground sprinklers, decorative stones, or other items that may be damaged during the collection process.

Preparation of Bulky Items and Brush

Placement for Townhouse Communities Collected by the City
Narrower streets, especially when combined with parked vehicles, low hanging power lines, utility poles, and other objects can make collection by the City's boom trucks dangerous, if not impossible, to complete. Contact your property management company for the designated area(s) to place your items for collection.