Business Recycling

Currently, the City of Durham’s Solid Waste Management department provides trash and recycling services to 1,100 businesses. It is the goal of the department to provide trash and recycling services to additional businesses in Downtown Durham or assist them in starting an internal recycling program for their employees.

Recycling Plan
The City of Durham Solid Waste Management Department has developed a business-recycling plan that will assist local businesses in their recycling efforts. The department will use this as an opportunity to collaborate with local businesses in an effort to educate them about the opportunities to reduce waste, increase recycling participation, and assist businesses with implementing a recycling program within their organization.

Employees from the Solid Waste Department will be available to schedule onsite visits with business owners and discuss their current recycling plan, and; if needed, assist with training and assistance to implement a recycling program at their location.

Businesses will be educated on the type of material that can be recycled, state and federal regulations, the benefits of recycling, recycling program, and how to have their recycling collected by a vendor meeting state requirements and have a waste audit conducted.

Business Recycling Documents