Stormwater Services Provided

The money raised through the stormwater utility fee is placed in a separate account from other city funds. This money is only used to fund activities outlined in the Stormwater Management Plan. Such activities include:
  • Complying with federal and state requirements related to stormwater and water quality
  • Educating residents about preventing stormwater pollution
  • Inspecting commercial and industrial facilities to make sure they comply with the city’s stormwater ordinance
  • Keeping roads clean (street and sidewalk sweeping, litter control, and dead animal removal)
  • Maintaining, cleaning, and repairing the drainage system located in the city right of way which helps protect lives and property from flooding
  • Running the household hazardous waste collection campaign
  • Stream monitoring and running an illicit discharge identification and elimination program
  • Stream restoration projects that help protect local waterways
Stormwater Fund Expense Chart