Stormwater Appeals Form


Customers can appeal the stormwater utility fee. Appeals may be based on one or more of the following reasons:


The impervious surface or structure is not at this location. Examples:
  • a mobile structure has been permanently moved
  • a structure on a neighboring property is incorrectly identified as being on your property


The impervious surface or structure is not there or was incorrectly identified. Examples:
  • part of a patio was removed but the bill does not reflect this
  • a shed was demolished but this is not reflected in your bill


The impervious surface or structure is different in size than actually billed. Examples:
  • an area identified as a continuous sidewalk is actually made of paving stones
  • a parking lot is listed as being larger than it actually is


The impervious surface or structure identified on the bill is actually constructed of a pervious material. Examples:
  • a deck made of wood was listed as an impervious surface
  • an area identified as being gravel is actually dirt
  • grass was incorrectly identified as AstroTurf


Please Note: Gravel surfaces are considered impervious. Stormwater Services does not accept appeals based on a gravel areas being considered permeable.

Remember: Impervious area is not the same as the square footage of your home listed on your property taxes. An impervious surface is a hard area that water cannot easily soak into. This includes driveways, roofs, patios, and sidewalks. 

Appeals Form

Fill out the Stormwater Utility Fee Appeals and Request Form (PDF) to make an appeal. The property management company or owner’s association will need to make any appeals for condominiums, townhomes, or other managed properties.