STAR Steps

Ready to be a Stormwater STAR? Let’s Get Going!
1. Complete the Stormwater STAR Assessment
To become a Stormwater STAR business, first take the Stormwater STAR Assessment. This looks at the overall impact that your business has on stormwater quality in Durham. If you are unsure about how to answer a question, contact us for help or simply choose “Don’t Know” on the form. Once you've submitted the assessment, the pollution prevention coordinator will review your answers and create a profile with goal suggestions for your business.

2. Assemble a STAR Team
Your STAR team will consist of a group of employee champions that will meet to discuss, plan and implement strategies to improve the stormwater pollution prevention practices of your business.

3. Complete an Assessment Review
Next, schedule an Assessment Review with the Pollution Prevention Coordinator and members of the STAR Team. Together, we will review questions and discuss them in more detail.

4. Set Your Goals
You will decide on 2 goals that your business will work to achieve over the period of 1 year to improve your stormwater pollution prevention practices. These goals can be based on the recommendations given by the Pollution Prevention Coordinator or they can be original goals created by the STAR Team. Examples of goals might be to post spill cleanup procedures for employees, use phosphorus-free fertilizer on your landscaping, or purchase a spill cleanup kit.

5. Show us How You’re Doing
At the 3 and 6 month mark, you will submit a progress report with written and/or photo documentation of the steps that have been taken to reach your 2 new goals. Documentation can be as simple as a photo or short description of the practice.

Stormwater staff will come to you and train your employees on stormwater pollution prevention, or we can “train the trainer" and provide you with materials to do training at a time most convenient for your staff. You will need to fill out the documentation form showing that training has been conducted with 80% of current employees by the end of the 1st 6 months of participation.

Yearly staff training is required. After 1 year of successful participation, we will schedule an assessment meeting where we will look at your successes so far. You will then submit a new goal that is different than the previous year’s goals. New certificates and window decals will be issued to indicate the number of years the business has successfully participated in the program.