State of Our Streams

City of Durham State of Our Streams 2019 Infographic

The publications below were written for Durham residents to learn about stormwater issues and to provide updates on the condition of Durham’s creeks. More technical reports, such as those required under the City’s NPDES permit, are also available.

State of Our Streams

The State of Our Streams is an annual communication to city residents about the health and cleanliness of the city’s creeks and rivers. It's based on conditions at about 30 sites across the city. The Water Quality group takes samples monthly to assess conditions throughout the year.

In watersheds where staff is able to take a wide variety of tests the watershed is also given a grade. These infographics also cover the types of water pollution found and eliminated in each creek by stormwater investigation and inspection programs.

You can view the most current State of Our Streams infographics on each individual watershed page or view archived reports from past years.


Waterways is a newsletter that informs residents about stormwater issues. Volumes are available going back to 2006.
Date Waterways Topic
 July 2021  Stormwater Ponds, utility fee, bacteria study (PDF)
 November 2020  Fall leaves, flood risk (PDF)
 July 2020  Pet waste, stormwater fee, New Hope Creek plan (PDF)
 November 2019 Northeast Creek TMDL, Floodplain Services (PDF)
 July 2019  Car wash, Where to find stormwater info (PDF)
 November 2018  Prevent stormwater pollution, Flood risk decoded, New flood maps (PDF)
 July 2018  Grass Clippings, Skip the Straw, South Ellerbe Project (PDF) 
 November 2017
 Yard Waste Disposal, Clean Water Tips for Businesses (PDF)
 July 2017
 Eno River Plan, S. Ellerbe Stormwater Project, Recycle Oil (PDF)
 Nov 2016
Drainage, Eno River Plan, Old Pipes Bad for Water (PDF)
 July 2016
 Videos, Little Lick Creek Plan, Creek Week (PDF)
 November 2015
 Healthy Lawns, Project Updates (PDF)
 July 2015
 New Floodplain Maps (PDF)
November 2014 Trees, Yes. Leaves, No. (PDF)
July 2014 Flood Insurance Discounts, Little Lick Creek Restoration, STAR Program (PDF)
November 2013 Keep it Neat. Leaves and Grass off the Street! (PDF)
July 2013 Over-Fertilizing Our Lakes (PDF)
November 2012 Working Together for Clean Water (PDF)
July 2012 Proper Grease Disposal for Cleaner Creeks (PDF)
November 2011 When to Call the Water Pollution Hotline (PDF)
July 2011 Your Stormwater Dollars at Work (PDF)
November 2010 Rain Gardens, Canines for Clean Water (PDF)

Public Service Announcements

Learn more about stormwater and how you can help protect our creeks and streams with these videos: