Residential Programs

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program. Contact your district crime prevention officer if you are interested in setting up a program in your neighborhood.
  • How to Organize - Check with neighbors to see if there is interest in Neighborhood Watch and then contact your patrol district's crime prevention officer to schedule a neighborhood meeting. Invite everyone in the community to the meeting and keep a log, which includes names, addresses and telephone numbers of everyone who attends the meeting.
  • Operations - One block captain is selected for each block in the community. The block captain must live on that block and needs to know every head of household on his/her block.
  • Duties of Members - Coordinate with the crime prevention officer to correct weaknesses in home security. Call 911 to report any crimes or suspicious activities/persons in your neighborhood. Watch out for your neighbors' homes when they are away from home.

Security Surveys

A crime prevention officer comes by your residence to give crime prevention advice about lighting, locks, landscaping, etc., to make your home less attractive to criminals. Contact your district crime prevention officer for further information.

Personal Safety Presentations

A crime prevention officer will provide information about general home and personal safety procedures. The presentations stress maintaining awareness of 1's surroundings and provide information about what to do if confronted by a hostile person. Contact your district crime prevention officer for further information.

Neighborhood Speed Enforcement

Speed indicator devices that digitally display motorists' speeds are currently being used by the Police Department. They are being used in conjunction with RADAR in neighborhoods where there have been complaints about excessive speed. The program has 2 goals: slowing down speeders and allowing the Police Department to compile data that may justify further speed enforcement action.

Report speeding violations by calling your patrol district substation or the Traffic Services Division at 919-560-4935.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Crime prevention Through Environmental Design