Citizen Police Academy

Program Overview

The Citizen's Police Academy is the premiere program for any Durham resident wanting to know more about the operations of the Durham Police Department. The six-week academy, which is free of charge, provides first-hand knowledge and front line experiences. Students will have the opportunity to learn about various divisions within the Durham Police Department, such as the Criminal Investigations Division and Forensics Division. Students will also have the chance to participate in the use of force simulator, a virtual reality based training machine that puts citizens in the shoes of a police officer having to make split second decisions, via several virtual scenarios . In addition, students can also meet Chief Davis and members of the executive command staff during the meet and greet portion of the opening night ceremony. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony at City Hall for all students who complete the program.

For information about the Citizen's Police Academy, call the Community Resource Unit at 919-560-4404. Coordinators for the academy session are Officer Nicole Super (ext. 29484) and Officer Christopher Shepperd (ext. 29489).

Citizen Police Academy Video