Special Operations and Training

The Special Operations and Training Division is responsible for training, safety, the Special Operations Teams, Recruitment/Hiring, Fire Academy and specialized and certification classes.

Training Captains
There are three shift training captains and one weekday training captain. These captains conduct training for new hires and monthly continuing education classes in fire, technical rescue and EMS.

Special Operations Teams
The division has three special operations teams: Haz-Mat, Technical Rescue and USAR. These teams are made up from the department’s existing operational units and have the following rescue disciplines:
  • Confined Space
  • Hazard Materials Emergencies
  • Rope Rescue High / Low Angle
  • Structural Collapse
  • Swift Water
  • Trench
  • Vehicle Extrication

Safety Team
The Safety Team has three assistant safety officers assigned to shifts. They conduct annual fitness testing, mask fit testing, hearing test, accident/injury investigations, and incident scene safety.

Recruitment and Hiring
Recruitment/Hiring activities include school career fairs and job fairs and advertising, testing, interviewing and selecting employees for the Fire Operations Division.