Fire Department Hiring Process

Hiring Process ClosedOur Hiring Process is closed for 2020.  We anticipate accepting applications again in March of 2021. Be sure to complete our Firefighter Recruit Interest Form so that you receive an email when we begin our next hiring process.

Thank you for your interest in Becoming a Durham Firefighter!

Currently, we have filled our openings.  In 2021, we will likely seek applicants in each of the three categories below:  

2020 Hiring Timeline (updated 6/04/2020) Note  descriptive links for tasks    

In an effort to comply with social distancing, all sessions outlined below are only for individuals who have already applied for our current hiring process.  Temperature checks will take place before all sessions.  

Date: Time: Task: 
6/151:00 - 3:00 pmHiring Information & Practice Agility Session (optional) Gym/Training Grounds
6/152:00 - 3:00 pmWritten Test Taking Tips (optional) Classroom
6/153:00 - 5:00 pmHiring Information & Practice Agility Session (optional)  Gym/Training Grounds
6/153:00 - 4:00 pmWritten Test Taking Tips (optional) Classroom
6/174:00 - 6:00 pmHiring Information & Practice Agility Session (optional) Gym/Training Grounds
6/175:00 - 6:00 pmWritten Test Taking Tips (optional) Classroom
6/176:00 - 8:00 pmHiring Information & Practice Agility Session (optional) Gym/Training Grounds
6/176:00 - 7:00 pmWritten Test Taking Tips (optional) Classroom
7/3 - 7/7
Applicants log in at to self-schedule agility and written testing 
Scheduling closes at midnight on 7/7
7/13 - 7/178:00 amImportant Testing Information for applicants who have self-scheduled
Applicants who are chosen for interview are contacted via email and advised to self-schedule interviews

Steps Below Are Only For Applicants Who Are Chosen To Interview

Date: Time: Task: 
7/22 - 7/26
Applicants log in at to self-schedule interviews 
Scheduling closes at approximately midnight (no earlier) on 7/26
7/236:00 pmInterview Prep Session for applicants selected to interview (optional)
7/259:00 amInterview Prep Session for applicants selected to interview (optional)
7/26MidnightInterview self-scheduler closes
8/3 - 8/6
Interviews are conducted
8/10 - 8/20
Reference checks performed by DFD
Applicant selection finalized.  Applicants notified.
9/8 - 9/9
Physicals, fittings for applicants chosen for hire
9/18 or sooner
Final offers extended via email
10/58:30 amEmployee start date

Tips for Success

  • Prep Sessions: Our sessions will take place rain or shine.  We highly recommend that you consider attending at least one prep/practice session for written testing and at least one for physical agility testing. These sessions are optional and do not require advanced scheduling, but YOU MUST ARRIVE ON TIME for any session that you would like to attend. We cannot emphasize enough how important your written test scores will be in this hiring process, so we encourage you to attend a written test prep/practice session. While our agility test is Pass or Fail, the points you score in the written test will likely determine whether or not you are invited to interview.  You must sign a waiver to participate in the practice physical agility test (as well as the actual physical agility test), but you do not have to bring any documents to any of the PRACTICE sessions.  
  • Location: Due to COVID-19 precautions, we will practice social distancing!  You will receive instructions when you arrive at our facility.  Please approach the front door at Fire Administration located at 2008 East Club Blvd. in Durham, for all phases of our process.  
  • Attire: On your testing date and for our practice sessions, we suggest that you wear exercise clothing; some applicants find knee pads helpful.  * In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all applicants are required to bring and wear work-type gloves to our agility practice and agility testing sessions.  These gloves will be used to grip. You must also have a mask in your possession.
  • Preparation: You must be willing to study diligently to graduate our academy. We want you to be prepared. 
  • Test Date: Please plan to spend the entire day with us on your test date, as you will take both tests (written and agility) on that day.  On your self-scheduled test date, the only form that you should bring is a COPY of  the front of your valid driver’s license (not your actual driver’s license). This copy will not be returned. If you do not bring a PAPER copy of the front of your driver’s license, we will not allow you to test. To take a practice test similar to the test you will take on your selected test date, visit and click on and select "CEB Candidate Orientation Guide."  Note that the links in our timeline entitled "Written Test Taking Tips" also have excellent FREE links that may assist you in preparing for our tests.  Your written test score is EXTREMELY important in this process.
  • Documents needed:  For information on documents you must provide if selected for an interview, please visit document requirements.

Got questions?  Email