Equity & Inclusion Department


The Department of Equity and Inclusion, formerly the Department of Equal Opportunity/Equity Assurance, will expand the role, direction and structure of the former department. The Department of Equity and Inclusion will support an environment of inclusive and equitable community economic development that promotes shared prosperity. The department realigns into two divisions-Racial Equity and Inclusion and Contracting and Compliance. 

Contract and Compliance Division

Division is responsible for the implementation of the City’s Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBOP) and Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SLBEP). Responsibilities include: 

  • Recruitment of minority and women underutilized business enterprises (UBEs) and small local business enterprises (SLBEs) eligible to participate in the EBOP and SLBEP.
  • Certification of SLBE firms to service City contracts in the areas of construction and professional services.
  • Maintenance of the SLBE database of all currently certified businesses.
  • Business development through the provision of technical assistance and support. 
  • Staff support to the EBOP Steering Committee and the Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Project identification for potential contracting opportunities from City departments.
  • UBE/SLBE participation goal setting.
  • EBOP and SLBEP compliance determination.
  • Monitoring of UBE and SLBE participation in City contracting activity.
  • Reporting of UBE and SLBE participation on City contracts and reporting on special projects as requested.
  • Monitoring City compliance with Senate Bill 914 reporting requirements.

Racial Equity Division

Division will look within all aspects of City government to closely examine policies, practices, budget allocations and programs that may perpetuate institutional racism and systemic inequities. The division will be responsible for:

  • Assessment of the racial equity and inclusion efforts within City government.
  • Development and implementation of an Equity Plan.
  • Conducting equity and inclusion training of staff.
  • Monitoring City equity efforts and initiatives.
  • Reporting outcomes of the Equity Plan.


Equity & Inclusion Department forms may be downloaded online. If assistance is needed in downloading, call 919-560-4180, ext. 17240.