Proactive Rental Inspection Program (PRIP)

As a part of the City’s effort to preserve and improve quality of life conditions for Durham residents, Neighborhood Improvement Services has initiated a Proactive Rental Inspection Program (PRIP). This program will serve to improve the quality of rental housing in the city and help ensuring that Durham has thriving, safe, and livable neighborhoods.


The program will work to proactively identify and remediate rental housing that does not meet the City of Durham’s Minimum Housing Code and all related ordinances or state unsafe building laws. The PRIP is designed to create a healthy, safe, and crime-free environment, and to further preserve and enhance the quality of life for city residents living in residential rental properties. This will be achieved by conducting proactive inspections and requiring rental registration pursuant to North Carolina G.S. 160A-424.


This program applies to all residential rental properties in the City of Durham. This includes rooming and boarding houses as defined in the Minimum Housing Code. Proactive rental inspections will be conducted in residential rental buildings based on reasonable cause or being located in areas designated by the City Council. All property owners with a rental property that has 3 or more Minimum Housing Code violations in the prior year are required to register their rental property with the Department of Neighborhood Improvement Services except for those owners meeting the conditions of the Compliance Incentive Program.

How It Works

Modifications to some aspects of this plan are being considered. Please check back for an updated version of the plan soon. For information, email or call us at 919-560-3613.

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