Historic Parrish Street Forum

About the Forum

The Historic Parrish Street Forum is a commemorative exhibit and event space honoring the legacy of Durham’s Parrish Street, also known as "Black Wall Street." The forum serves to highlight the impact that black-owned institutions such as, North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, Mechanics and Farmers Bank, Mutual Building and Loan and many others had on the economic development of Durham and the building of social equity for black residents in this southern city.

The Forum is located at 108 West Parrish Street in the center of downtown Durham. The Forum provides an ideal space for meetings, workshops, classes, and cultural events, as well as the opportunity to connect to Durham’s rich history.
The Historic Parrish Street Forum is managed by the City of Durham’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Contact us via email or phone at 919-560-4965, ext. 15216.
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