Procurement Methods

  1. City Procurement Cards
  2. Cooperative Contracts
  3. Informal Quotes
  4. Request For Quotations (RFQ's)
  5. Formal Bid Solicitation
  6. Bid Solicitation Opening
The City Finance Department has issued City procurement cards to City departments which may be used for the purchase of products with a total value under $2,500, inclusive of tax, delivery and any add-on costs (such as installation and maintenance). However, such product purchases are not to be split into multiple purchases to avoid exceeding the $2,500 ceiling and such purchases are not intended for products on existing term contracts with the City or for services.

Auditing Card Purchases
City procurement card purchases by City departments are audited/reviewed by the City Finance and Audit Services departments. Items noted to be repetitively purchased in sufficient quantity are competitively solicited and awarded as term contracts. Purchases, which may appear to be in non-conformity with established procedures, are further reviewed for appropriate action.