Term Contracts

The City Purchasing Division compliance monitors (audits) all term contract billings and monthly statements received from contracted vendors with Term (Blanket PO) Contracts. Individual delivery or service receipts are reviewed for accuracy, correct contract prices and for bid/proposal awarded (authorized) contract items.

Approved Payments
Approved contract payments are then transmitted from the City Purchasing Division to the City Accounting Services Division for payment release. Item names, identification numbers and prices stated in vendor billing invoices and statements are compared to those in the City's contract award to the vendor and any discrepancies resolved before a payment is approved for processing.

Billing Statements
Billing statements received by the 5th of the month are processed and have a payment check issued within approximately 30 days, provided the following items have been received, matched and verified as to complete compliance to the bid/proposal and City awarded contract. All itemized vendor-packing slips, delivery tickets, invoices and billing statements are to contain the following information:
  • Term Contract number
  • Name of ordering department
  • Correct quantity
  • Purchased items name, identification description, and price as per vendor's bid/proposal response to the City