Single Requirement Purchases

Single requirement (1-time) purchases for goods and services are normally paid by the City under the terms on the purchase orders or invoices and no longer than 30 days after delivery and/or completion of the provided service - provided the vendor's products and/or work was found satisfactory by the City customer (using) department and the vendor's billing invoice was found to be correct. Unacceptable products/services and/or incorrect billing invoices will delay vendor payments until such time as problem areas are corrected and accepted by the City customer (using) department(s) and the approved invoice is transmitted to the City Accounting Services Division.

The City Accounting Services Division processes all payments for single requirement (1-time) purchases.

Vendor's Responsibilities

It is the vendor's responsibility to ensure item names, identification numbers and prices listed on an invoice or billing statement to the City are identical to those item names, identification numbers and prices placed into the vendor's bid/proposal response. The City audits each invoice and resolves any discrepancies before processing a payment.