Submitting a Bid or Proposal

It is the bidder's/offeror's sole responsibility to ensure that a bid/proposal is received at the stated location prior to the time and date specified in the City's bid or proposal solicitation. If required, the bidder/offeror is to acknowledge all City solicitation amendments by signing and returning the amendment prior to the specified bid/proposal due date and time. Bids/proposals may be modified or withdrawn prior to the time and date set for solicitation opening. Late bids/proposals will not be opened and will be rejected regardless of the degree of lateness or the reason, including causes beyond the control of the vendor.

Late Bids/Proposals
Late bids/proposals, which are hand carried, will not be accepted by the Purchasing Division. Late bids/proposals received through the mail will be filed unopened and a Late Bid Notice mailed to the sender (if name and address were printed on outside of the late bid/proposal envelope).

Accepted Forms of Submission
Submission of bids/proposals shall be on the forms included in each City solicitation. Telegraphic offers, mailgrams, facsimile, and electronic bid/proposal responses will not be considered.

Bids/proposals must be submitted with an original ink signature by the person authorized to sign the bid or proposal offer. Unsigned bids will be rejected.

Opening of Bids/Proposals
Vendors and the public are invited, but not required, to attend the formal opening of bids/proposals. No decisions related to an award of a contract will be determined at the opening. At Invitation for Bid (IFB) openings, the name of each bidder is read aloud along with the bidder's prices and information indicating the product(s) and/or service(s) bid. At Request for Proposal (RFP) opening, the name of each offeror (proposer) is read aloud along with an "offer" or "no offer" statement. Proposal prices are not read nor are details concerning the offeror's proposal made available until after a formal contract award has been made by the City.

Bid Winners
Successful vendor(s) will be notified of their award selection and upon award will be sent either a purchase order (PO) or Contract Award Notice. In certain instances, a more formalized contract may require further post award discussions and document signing between the City and the vendor selected for award.