Bid Tab Results

After the bid due date for an Invitation For Bid (IFB), initial bid tab results may be obtained by sending the City Purchasing Division a letter of request and enclosing a self-addressed and stamped return envelope. Bid tab results are not given over the telephone or faxed.

It should be noted that figures shown on an initial bid tab represent those compiled at time of bid opening and that per the terms and conditions of the bid solicitation. Other evaluation factors exist and must be considered before an award recommendation is completed.

Initial bid tab figures are for information only and all such information is subject to further evaluation and analysis. After an award has been made, bidders may make an appointment with the Purchasing Division identified in the bid solicitation, visit the Purchasing Division and review the bid/contract file. Formal award recommendations and any associated bid tab are publicly posted on a bulletin board in the City Purchasing Division and entered on the City Purchasing Division page.