Fair & Open Competition

The Purchasing Division promotes a fair and open competitive solicitation process, wherever practicable. Restrictive or proprietary specifications are kept to minimal use and only applied where absolutely necessary to meet technical demands for operational compatibility with existing City equipment or for truly unique and cost effective performance applications.

The City may contract with persons other than City personnel for the preparation of specifications. No person preparing specifications shall receive any direct or indirect benefit from the utilization of such specifications.

Scope of Work & Specifications
Most City bid/proposal solicitations contain a scope section and a specifications section, which identify the procurement and presents the physical and/or functional characteristics of the material(s) being sought. The scope and/or specifications may include a description of any requirements for inspecting, testing, or preparing a material, service, or construction for delivery. A brand name or acceptable alternate specification may be used for describing the standard of quality, performance or characteristics required or desired, but are not intended to limit or restrict competition.