Ethics Policy

The City Purchasing Division believes strongly in the precept of fair and open competition and in maintaining the integrity of the City's procurement and contracting process. The Purchasing Division has a strict no gratuities in any form policy. Employees of the Purchasing Division are prohibited from accepting any gratuity, no matter how small the value. Gratuities are also not to be given to any City employee and may lead to vendor's bid or proposal response being disqualified, cancellation of any contract with the City, debarment from participation in City solicitations and possible legal action. In addition, no person/firm preparing specifications for a City solicitation shall receive any direct or indirect benefit from the use of such specifications.

Vendor Trade Shows, Product Fairs & Product Samples

City purchasing agents and employees may attend vendor trade shows open to the industry or general public. Vendors with City term contracts may also schedule vendor product fairs through the Purchasing Division for the purpose of displaying and issuing a limited number of sample test products to City customer (using) departments. Vendors may also arrange through the City Purchasing Division for testing of sample products for evaluation and possible inclusion on any qualified products lists established by the City.

Unauthorized Contracts Null & Void

All vendors and contractors are cautioned and strongly advised to ensure that a Purchasing Division issued contract or purchase order is obtained prior to performing any service or incurring any expense.