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Southside Youth Celebrate Easter
The Southside Neighborhood Youth Council sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for children ages 4-11 in April at the Southside Community Outreach Center. The event, which gathered an estimated 60 children from the Southside Community, featured games and a cookout in conjunction with the Durham Youth Coalition and the Southside Neighborhood Association of Durham, Inc. The children participated in age-appropriate activities.

The event was a success due to the teamwork of the volunteers from the Southside Youth Council, Durham Youth Coalition and neighbors.

Southside Neighborhood Youth Council
Mission: To ignite vision and purpose into the lives of the youth who reside in the Southside Neighborhood.

Who We Are
We are the youth (ages 11-18) of the Southside Community of Durham who are committed to having a positive influence on our community, city and the world.

What We Do
The Youth Council is an organization that has monthly activities planned by its board. The Youth Council's mission is "To ignite vision and purpose into the lives of youth who reside in the Southside Neighborhood." Each month, the Youth Council will hold an educational and social activity that is designed around that mission.

Where & When We Meet
The Southside Youth Council plans to hold monthly meetings and/or activities on the third Saturday of each month. The events will take place around the Durham community, introducing youth to new and fun things.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be between the ages of 11-18
  • Must be a resident of the Southside Community
  • Must possess a positive attitude
  • Must remain enrolled in school