Community Safety-related events 

October 15 & 16, 2021 | public Town Hall: Crisis Response in the bull city

Community Safety and Wellness Task Force’ Crisis Response roundtable to host a 2-day virtual town hall

You’re invited to ‘Crisis Response in the Bull City,’ a virtual public town hall for Durham residents to share about their experiences reaching out for help in moments of crisis, and to describe ideas for what we would like to see for crisis response moving forward. Participants in this Town Hall will shape creative and effective crisis response policy recommendations from the Community Safety and Wellness Task Force to the elected representatives on the City of Durham City Council, Durham County Board of Commissioners, and the Durham Public Schools Board of Education. This virtual gathering is hosted by the Crisis Response Roundtable of the Community Safety and Wellness Task Force, with staff support from the new City of Durham Community Safety Department. 

Below are some frequently asked questions about this public event. It will be as meaningful as we make it, so please spread the word, show up, and bring your stories to share!  

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