Eno River Sewer Replacement - Phase II

Project background

Replacement of existing 18”/15” sewer, with new 36” diameter sewer along the Eno River and Warren Creek, to better serve existing and future development in northern Durham. Initial section is on north edge of river, just up from the dam at West Point Park. Pipeline will cross the river and follow along the north edge of Warren Creek, out to and across Guess Rd., just south of Victory Blvd. Contractor is JF Wilkerson of Morrisville, NC.

Update - June 29, 2021 - Blasting near WEST POINT DAM

Over the next two weeks, through July 16, occasional blasting of rock will occur for the new sewer project, just upriver from the West Point Dam on the north side of the river. Out of an abundance of caution, the contractor and project personnel will ask swimmers at and near the dam site to briefly get out of the water prior to, and during, the actual blast. Typically the time will be short—5 to 15 minutes. Once the area is cleared of swimmers, a series of three horn signals will occur, followed by the blast. After making certain the area is safe for swimmers, one more all-clear horn signal will be sounded. The City very much appreciates swimmers understanding and cooperating.


Why is this work needed, what is included, how much will it cost, and how long will it take? 
Sewer along the north side of Eno River and Warren Creek, installed in the early 1970’s, has deteriorated and is undersized for current and future development in northern Durham. Sewer from the dam at West Point Park, going west out to Guess Road will all be replaced. Several connections to local sewers will also be made. The approximate cost is $6.0 million and is expected to take about 14 months to complete. A short section of 12” sewer, near the historic West Point Mill, will also be replaced during the winter of 2021. 

Will my business or property be impacted during the construction phase of this project?
Disruption to park areas near the dam, on the north side of the river should be expected. This includes several walking trails, including the Mountain-to-Sea trail. No disruption to water or sewer services are expected. 

How will I know about detours, changes in traffic patterns, etc.?
The driveway and concrete walk way at the West Point Park Amphitheater entrance will be used for a construction entrance. Use extreme cation while walking and driving in this area! Also some short-duration lane closures will be needed on Guess Rd. 

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