Community Safety & Wellness Task Force

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In 2021, the Durham Community Safety & Wellness Task Force was formed by the governing bodies of the City of Durham, Durham County, and Durham Public Schools Board of Education with a mission to recommend programs to enhance public safety and wellness that rely on community-based prevention, intervention, and re-entry services as alternatives to policing and the criminal legal system.

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Task Force Members

  • Xavier Cason, Co-chair
  • Marcia Owen, Co-chair
  • Jesse Huddleston, City of Durham Appointee
  • Isaac Villegas, City of Durham Appointee
  • Shanise Hamilton, City of Durham Appointee
  • Jennifer Carroll, City of Durham Appointee
  • Cynthia Fox, City of Durham Appointee
  • Tyler Whittenberg, Durham County Appointee
  • Mike Sistrom, Durham County Appointee
  • Jatoia Potts, Durham County Appointee
  • Mangala Rajendron, Durham County Appointee 
  • Tonya Williams Leathers, Durham Public Schools Appointee
  • Samuel Scarborough, Durham Public Schools Appointee 
  • Norie McDuffie-Williams, Durham Public Schools Appointee 
  • Dr. Wanda Boone, Durham Public Schools Appointee 
  • Alec Greenwald, Durham Public Schools Appointee 

All membership terms to expire on December 21, 2022.