Employment Opportunities

Classroom Training
The Durham Emergency Communications Center (DECC) provides highly specialized training to new employees through its Training Division. New employee training begins with intensive exposure to standard operating procedures, equipment and other work related topics in a classroom environment. This is followed by several weeks of an on-the-job internship with the trainee assigned to a communications training officer in the 9-1-1 Center. The Training Division also provides continuing education training to all DECC employees throughout the year. All training activity is overseen by the training coordinator.

Practical Internship Program
After the classroom training period, each new employee is assigned to a communications training officer. Emphasis is placed on teaching and developing the basic mechanics of call taking and radio dispatching. During this time the employee is continually rated and evaluated by the trainer and the assigned communications shift supervisor.

Testing & Completion
Before being released to function independently as a 911 communications officer each employee is tested. This testing is conducted by the Training Division and includes written, oral and practical exercises. The employee must meet proficiency standards before being released from training to function independently.