Resources and Activities

Available Topics and Activities

  • Drinking Water and Waste Water Treatment Enviroscape demonstration
  • Build a Water Molecule Activity
  • Create a Watershed Activity
  • Virtual Water/Water Footprint Activity
  • Careers in Water Treatment and Reclamation
  • Water Quality and Source Water
  • Build a Water Filter Activity
  • Groundwater Model Demonstration
  • Additional interactive watershed and water conservation activities
  • Virtual Plant Tours with a Virtual Guide
  • Wayne Drop Appearances
  • PowerPoint, and virtual presentations are available and can be tailored to your needs.

Requests for presentations or activities can be made through our online form. Please feel free to email or call 919-560-4381 if you would like additional information.

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Lesson Plans

  • Complete lesson plan PDFs can be downloaded here
  • Correlated with North Carolina Teaching Standards in science and social studies
  • Document includes supplemental pages for students and printouts needed to complete the activity