Holland Street Visioning

The Urban Design Center held an Urban Design Studio in October 2013 to engage residents and stakeholders in identifying goals for the continued use of Holland Street.

Visioning Statement
Participants engaged in individual and small group brainstorming to develop descriptions for the future of Holland Street. These were then shared with the whole. Participants then discussed what their descriptions had in common and used them to develop the following visioning statement: The future of Holland Street includes a cobblestone character, multiple uses, non-motorist through access, keeping the existing trees, public space, commerce and activity, stewardship, and an intentional vision.

2nd Public Meeting
As a follow up to the original workshop, the Urban Design Center hosted a 2nd public meeting in December 2013 to allow the developer of the adjacent Hotel Durham project to present a revised plan for use of a portion of Holland Street, and how it meets the 8 components of the identified vision. The plan for an outdoor dining terrace, adjacent to their building on the east side of Holland Street, will rely on a revocable use easement instead of the previously proposed street closing.

In addition to the development team, staff from the City Attorney’s Office and Urban Design Center was available to answer questions. As a result of the presentation and public discussion, a few changes were made to the easement. The City Council considered the easement at its December 16, 2013 meeting.

Revised Easement Documents