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Adopt-A-Drain Program
You can adopt storm drains near your business and pledge to sweep/rake to keep out trash, leaves, and other debris.
Apply for installation of new water and sewer service lines.
If you need to have a new water or sewer service line installed, please contact the Public Works Engineering Services Group at 919-560-4326, option 4 or via email. You can also request information on water and sewer availability, the application process, and pertinent fees.
Apply for a meter set in a new subdivision.
If you need a meter set in a new subdivision, please contact the Public Works Engineering Services Group at 919-560-4326, option 4 or via email.
Apply to have an existing water and sewer billing account switched into your name.
Contact the Water Management Department or call Durham One Call at 919-560-1200.
Durham One Call at 919-560-1200
Construction and Design Project Information
Construction Standards
Development Services Center
Coordination of the development review process
(919) 560-1500
Find Your Watershed
In Durham most of our stormwater flows either to Falls Lake or Jordan Lake. The northwest part of Durham is in the Falls Lake watershed. The southeast part is in the Jordan Lake watershed.

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Floodplain Information
Flooding of land near waterways (such as streams, rivers, and lakes) during storms can occur because of rising water levels. These areas are called floodplains.  Workflow Document
Forms and Applications
Frequently Asked Questions
Impervious Surface
An impervious surface is a hard area that doesn’t allow water to seep into the ground. Instead, the water runs off the impervious surface, picking up many types of pollution in the process, and then flows into a storm drain or a nearby body of water. Email
Maps/City Streets
Pothole Repair
Prevent Water Pollution
Notice something other than stormwater going down the storm drain or in the storm drainage system? If you see or smell oil, chemicals, sewage, yard waste, large amounts of dirt, or anything else that's not just stormwater going down the storm drain, contact us immediately! 919-560-SWIM (7946) or Email
Rain Gardens
Rain gardens are bowl-shaped areas in a landscape designed to capture and soak in rainwater from roofs and driveways. Email
Record Plan-Profile Construction Drawing Search
Reference Guide for Development
Any and all Development should be constructed pursuant to the requirements of the Reference Guide for Development. (919) 560-4326
Site Plan Development Review
Snow Removal
Stormwater Billing Issues
Stormwater Development Review Maintenance/Inspection
Stormwater Drainage Issues The owner of the property where a drainage system is located is legally responsible for its maintenance. This includes all features of the drainage system such as ditches, stream banks, and even buried pipes. The city only owns and maintains the stormwater drainage system within the public right-of-way and other property owned by the city.
Stream Buffer Regulations   Planning Department
(919) 560-4137
Stream Identifications located in the Jordan/Cape Fear River Basin   Email
Stream Identifications located in the Neuse River Basin   North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Raleigh Regional Office
(919) 791-4200
Street Cleaning
Street Repaving
Stormwater Regulations or Reviews
The Stormwater Development Review section is tasked with reviewing zoning, site plans, stormwater impact analyses, preliminary plats, construction drawings, engineering calculations, and final plats to ensure proposed development is in compliance with the city ordinances which regulate stormwater quality and quantity, stormwater best management practices, stream buffers, floodplain analysis, etc.  (919) 560-4326
Stormwater Securities or Permit/CO Holds

(919) 560-4326 ext. 30248
Stormwater STAR Program
Businesses that could impact stormwater in the City of Durham can be a Stormwater STAR
Stormwater Control Measure Inspections and Maintenance
Post-development stormwater compliance through annual SCM maintenance certifications, inspections, and enforcement.
Stormwater Utility Fee
Please visit the Stormwater Utility Fee Map to get an interactive view of impervious surface areas used in calculating your stormwater utility fee. The GIS Billing Data Group maintains over a 1/2 Billion square feet of impervious surface area. This map is for stormwater billing purposes only. Email