Racial Equity & Inclusion Division

The Racial Equity & Inclusion Division will look within all aspects of City government to closely examine policies, practices, budget allocations, and programs that may perpetuate institutional racism and systemic inequities. The division will be responsible for:

  • Assessment of the racial equity and inclusion efforts within City government.
  • Development and implementation of an Equity Plan.
  • Development and implementation of equity and inclusion training for City staff.
  • Monitoring City equity efforts and initiatives.
  • Reporting outcomes of the Equity Plan.

City of Durham Racial Equity Vision Statement

Specifies where we are headed and what it would look like if achieved
Durham is a vibrant community in which all residents and employees thrive with power and purpose. Racial equity is an embedded principle, shared economic prosperity is a reality, and race is not a predictor of outcomes.

City of Durham Racial Equity Mission Statement

Supportive of the vision, aligned with goals and focused on day to day behavior
The City of Durham intentionally identifies racial inequities, engages the  community, and uses a collaborative approach in creating solutions, to ensure race no longer stands as a  determinant of outcomes and opportunities.

Racial Equity Terms and Definitions: Shared Language

As we strive to organize and operationalize equity, it is essential to use a shared language to normalize conversations and support and encourage uniform understanding. This list of terms and definitions will establish a firm foundation, as we work to advance racial equity and inclusion within the City of Durham. View racial equity terms and definitions


July 22, 2020 - Racial Equity Taskforce (RETF) presents initial report to City Council:

This report seeks to address, develop, and implement policies and actions to ensure a more equitable Durham community.