Contract & Compliance Division

Division is responsible for the implementation of the City’s Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBOP) and Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SLBEP). Responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment of minority and women underutilized business enterprises (UBEs) and small local business enterprises (SLBEs) eligible to participate in the EBOP and SLBEP.
  • Certification of SLBE firms to service City contracts in the areas of construction and professional services.
  • Maintenance of the SLBE database of all currently certified businesses.
  • Business development through the provision of technical assistance and support. 
  • Staff support to the EBOP Steering Committee and the Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Project identification for potential contracting opportunities from City departments.
  • UBE/SLBE participation goal setting.
  • EBOP and SLBEP compliance determination.
  • Monitoring of UBE and SLBE participation in City contracting activity.
  • Reporting of UBE and SLBE participation on City contracts and reporting on special projects as requested.
  • Monitoring City compliance with Senate Bill 914 reporting requirements.

SLBE Program Overview