Beechwood and Maplewood Cemeteries

Public Art  Amenities

As the City of Durham improves public amenities through the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), the Cultural & Public Art Program has the opportunity to provide public art amenities for Beechwood and Maplewood Cemeteries. For the FY 2020-25 CIP, capital projects are funded through impact fees, enterprise funds, grants, the capital project fund, pay-go funding, and debt financings. More information about the CIP process and funding can be found here

Based on the needs of the cemetery through on-site staff feedback, Beechwood will feature art-informed benches near the main entrance, and Maplewood will feature handrails for the space where ashes of passed loved ones may be laid to rest. The public art amenities will provide appropriate upgrades for residents of the community and visitors of the cemeteries. In order to provide the artists’ with a vision and themes, we are asking residents and visitors to share your stories of Beechwood Cemetery and Maplewood Cemetery. Artists will be selected from the Pre-Qualified Artists Registry by a panel of community members, groundskeepers, cemetery administrative staff, and Public Art Committee members. For more information about how to apply to the Pre-Qualified Artist Registry, please visit the Cultural & Public Art Program’s website, here:  


The City of Durham established Maplewood Cemetery in 1872 and Beechwood in 1924.  Maplewood Cemetery is located at 1621 Duke University Rd, and Beechwood Cemetery is located at 3300 Fayetteville St (next to White Rock Baptist Church). Both cemeteries offer burial options for traditional full burials as well as cremations.  Both cemeteries feature beautiful views, veterans’ sections, flat markers, upright headstones, and mausoleums.  Information regarding burial services is available upon request.  We invite residence and visitors to see the cemeteries--visit anytime or call (919) 560-4156 to set up a guided tour. 

For more information on City-owned Cemeteries, please visit the City’s website:

Examples of other Art-informed Amenities  


Left Image: Bench Example. "Butterflies" by Anita Valencia. San Antonio River Foundation.
Right Image: Handrail Example. "School of Fish Railing" by Eric Powell. Stockton, California. 


The online survey is located here:

Prefer to leave comments via mail or email?

Please mail letter to:  
Attn: Cultural & Public Art Program
2011 Fay Street
Durham, NC 27704 

Please email comments to: 

Survey Questions

  • What history do you know about Beechwood and Maplewood Cemeteries?
  • Do you have a story about a family member or other individuals who rest in these cemeteries?
  • Do the histories of Beechwood and/or Maplewood Cemetery have particular meaning in your life or in your community?
  • As a way to include art into public features of the cemetery, what types of art do you find peaceful or appropriate for the cemeteries?
    • Natural elements (flowers, trees, clouds, etc.)
    • Geometric Shapes (abstract)
    • Figural (human, individuals from history)
    • Bright or Muted Colors?
    • Other themes?  
  • Do you know someone who would be interested in this project? If so, please share their name and contact information if they are willing.
  • Any additional comments about the public art projects or the cemeteries? 
  • Optional: Please tell us a little information about you. (This information will only be used for the purpose of the project unless you elect to sharing your email address and phone number for future use for public art projects). 
    • Name (optional)
    • Contact Information (Email, Phone, and/or Address) (optional)
    • Demographic Information (optional)

Pre-Qualified Artist Registry

Artist(s) Selection Process: Pre-Qualified Artist Registry. The application process for the Beechwood and Maplewood Cemeteries project has closed. 

The Pre-Qualified Artist Registry has a rolling deadline for other upcoming public art projects. Apply today!

The City of Durham’s Cultural and Public Art Program invites artists and artist teams to submit portfolios to be selected to join the City of Durham Pre-Qualified Artist Registry. This registry serves as a resource for the program’s selection of artists and artist teams to create City cultural and public art projects. Candidates must either identify as or partner with a professional artist, designer, or fabricator, eligible to work in the United States, and age 18 and older. The City encourages people from diverse backgrounds to apply. Candidates are eligible regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, gender identification, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical ability. All applications must be in digital format and include an artist statement, photos of previous work, a personal resume(s), and references.

Full submission guidelines, project details, and submission portal are available here.