Celeste and Githens Lift Station Upgrades

Project Description

The Celeste Circle Lift Station (CCLS) is located near NC-54 and George King Road. It may require short-term structural improvements and will require long-term capacity upgrades to accommodate future growth. Long-term improvements may include replacement at the same location, replacement at a different location, or construction of a regional station. 

The Githens School Lift Station (GSLS) is located near the intersection of Old Chapel Hill Road and SW Durham Drive. Due to its capacity and condition, the City has determined that the station is in need of replacement. Also, reference the Githens School Basin Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Improvements letter to industry for more information. 

Additionally, the feasibility of a new western outfall near GSLS will be evaluated. If feasible, this project would reduce flow to the existing New Hope Creek Outfall and eliminate several lift stations. It is anticipated that the study will extend from the Wastewater Treatment Plant northward to the Garrett Road Lift Station. 

Freese and Nichols, Inc. (FNI) will assist the City with evaluation and design services for these projects.

Key Project Dates

  • Notice to Proceed: November 8, 2019
  • Begin Survey Work: Early February 2020
  • Complete Evaluation of GSLS: February 2020
  • Complete Evaluation of CCLS: April 2020
  • Complete Evaluation of Western Outfall:  April 2020
  • Begin Design of GSLS Replacement Lift Station: Spring 2020
  • Begin Construction of GSLS Replacement Lift Station: Fall 2021

Project Updates

January 2020 
The project is currently in the data collection and preliminary design phase. As part of this process, survey crews will be performing topographic survey of the existing sites, sections of the existing collection system, as well as potential future lift station sites and pipeline corridors. Residents in the area may see field crews near your residence and/or property. All field personnel will wear appropriate field clothing that identifies their company along with proper safety attire. The survey activity is expected to begin in early February 2020 and last approximately four months. The survey work is being done by FNI’s sub-consultant, Stewart Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What impacts can be expected during the study/design phase of the project?

  • Field survey of the existing utilities in the project area.
  • Non-toxic temporary paint will be used to mark the location of buried utilities in the project area. The temporary paint will wash away in several weeks depending on rain, traffic, etc.
  • Localized borings will be required to obtain information about existing utility locations and geotechnical conditions.
  • Sound levels associated with localized borings are anticipated to be between 70 and 90 decibels.
  • Pedestrian and traffic impacts within the project limits are expected to be limited.
  • Small pavement cuts may be required and will be temporarily patched.
  • Work of this nature will be conducted within daytime hours. If “off hours” work is required advance notice shall be provided.