Letter Request

Request a Letter

The Office of the Mayor can provide letters of recognition for special events and occasions held in the City of Durham.

Requests for letters are not renewed annually and must be made each year. Background information and event details must be provided for letters intended for welcome or greeting, and for letters congratulating a group, organization, or company on an event or achievement. All requests for letters must be received at least two weeks before the event date. Our office reserves the right to approve or decline any request and to edit any drafted material for final wording. The issuance of a letter does not indicate or imply an endorsement from the Mayor or the City of Durham.

Please complete the Letter Request Form including a working telephone number where you can be reached for possible questions or clarification regarding the information you have provided.

Types of letters that can be requested:

  • Birthday (for individuals turning 80 or older)
  • Church/Organization Anniversary
  • City Employee Retirement
  • Eagle Scout/Gold Award
  • Family Reunion
  • High School Reunion
  • Military Retirement
  • Wedding Anniversary (for 25 years or more)
  • Welcome Message for Events Held in Durham

If your letter request does not fit into one of these categories, select “Other” on the form and give a detailed explanation of the circumstances or occasion of your request.

All requests for the Mayor to attend an event must be submitted as an Appearance Request. Please do not include inquiries regarding scheduling in your letter request.

To follow up on a request for a letter, you can reach us at 919-560-4333.