Southeast Regional Lift Station and Pipeline Projects

September 2021

The Kemp Road site is well underway, with significant work on piping and site work items; the plan is to fine grade and pave early October. Final electrical and mechanical work in the station is nearly complete, and some testing of it has started. Duke Energy is installing permanent power supply and NCDOT is making good progress to replace Kemp Road bridge. The current estimate to reopen Kemp Road is early November.

With the final connection on the forcemain pipe and nearly 95% of gravity sewer in place, the contractor has spent many weeks on fine grading, seeding, and restoration. Testing to date has all been successful, and the estimate to have the sewer ready for use is mid-October. The City continues to appreciate the patience of impacted citizens.

Southeast Regional Lift Station and Pipeline Projects progress map (August 17, 2021)

may 2021

Much of the work inside the Kemp Road Lift Station is complete. Electrical and pumping equipment and piping is all onsite and mostly in place. The final large gravity sewer and some of the 30” diameter forcemain pipe have also been installed. Rough site grading was completed, and two concrete slabs—one  with a stand-by generator--have been installed. With NCDOT replacing the Kemp Road bridge, traffic has dropped off significantly.

The gravity sewer and pressure forcemain piping has continued, despite the wet winter months. Dry conditions this spring have allowed production to pick up, and both lines are about 85% complete. Long sections have also been graded and seed/straw has been placed. Work sites along Olive Branch Road are nearly complete. Large trucks continue to haul in stone and pipe in several residential neighborhoods and on Stallings Road. Please drive safely and plan accordingly.

Southeast Regional Lift Station and Pipeline Projects progress map (June 3, 2021)

January 2021

Much of the lift station building shell is up, including the roof, which has enabled some inside electrical and mechanical work to start. The site has been fully backfilled and rough graded. Key equipment has been brought to site and is being assembled and installed. Late spring startup remains the goal. Work also continues on improvements to the City’s lift station on Stallings Road, just south of Armitage Dr. Traffic may be slow at times on Stallings Road, as work is finished up in 6-8 weeks.

Almost all the forcemain piping has been installed and the large gravity sewer is about 70% complete. The Putters Court area has been heavily used to move in materials and perform installation. As work continues in a southwest direction, Flat River Dr., in the Brightleaf at the Park neighborhood, will also be heavily used. This will be the primary path for workers and material, until late spring, as the project finishes up. Some minor work remains along Olive Branch Road so please watch for slow traffic.


We are making good progress on the new sewer lift station on Kemp Road. All the walls are complete, we've backfilled the excavation, and site piping has started. Crews are installing floors and mechanical equipment inside the station, and two sets of precast stairs have arrived on-site. We're on target to meet our Spring 2021 completion date.  

Almost half of the large gravity sewer and the forcemain pipe are complete and there is very active sewer work taking place in the Brightleaf neighborhood. Pipe, stone, and manholes are coming in weekly in the area of Wild Sage Place and Putters Court. Crews installed forcemain pipe behind Neal Middle School and all the way out to and across Patterson Road. Work near the dead-end of Husketh Drive will begin soon.

Please continue to watch for occasional slow-moving traffic. The City thanks you for continued understanding and patience. 

June 11, 2020

In late fall 2019, construction started on a new sewer lift station and major pipelines on a 27-acre, City-owned lot on Kemp Road just south of NC 98. Work crews have already cleared and graded the site, dug a large, deep hole and poured the concrete floor slabs and much of the walls. As Haren Construction installs more concrete and site pipe, drivers should expect occasional slow-downs and increased traffic along Kemp Road.

Installation of the large 54” gravity sewer, which drains to the lift station, also has begun, running west, along Lick Creek. The contractor, J.F. Wilkerson, is using Olive Branch Road, near Rondelay Drive, to access the site. Completed pipework on Kemp Road includes the 30” forcemain to carry sewage away from the station, and a new 12” waterline. The forcemain continues through the Falls Village golf course and across the land behind Neal Middle School on Baptist Road. Watch for slow traffic there, too.

Please refer to the map on this website, which shows station location and pipe routes. Over the next few months, some added truck traffic is expected in the Ravenstone/Sherron Farm neighborhoods. These trucks will haul materials through several construction entrances, including off Wild Sage Way. The contractor is using great care on our streets, and we ask that you please stay aware of these work trucks as you walk and drive through your neighborhood.

As always, feel free to reach out to the City or their full time on-site consultant, Hazen and Sawyer, if you have any questions or concerns.

November 7, 2019

The Department of Water Management is constructing two major sanitary sewer projects in the southeast area of Durham County. On Kemp Road, just south of NC 98, a lift station is being built by Haren Construction, and J.F. Wilkerson Contracting will be installing the major pipelines to serve the station. As new development occurs in this area, smaller sewers and all the water lines will be extended and paid for by the developers. They also pay a per-lot fee to the City to offset the cost of the new station and pipes being installed.

Project Facts

  • Designed by Hazen and Sawyer, to extend sewer service to 11,000 acres.
  • Will take almost 2 years to build, completion in spring 2021.
  • Station and pipelines total almost $35 million.
  • Traffic along Kemp Road may be disrupted from time to time.

The City and its contractors appreciate your patience during any inconveniences, as we continue to improve the delivery and reliability of Durham’s water infrastructure.