Neighborhood Meeting Information

​Neighborhood Meeting Guidelines

In order to allow for a safer alternative to the traditional neighborhood meeting during the current COVID-19 pandemic, virtual neighborhood meetings are temporarily being allowed. For more information on requirements for virtual neighborhood meetings please see the Virtual Neighborhood Meetings Guidelines document.

 For more information on requirements for neighborhood meetings please see the 
Neighborhood Meeting Guidelines document.

​Neighborhood Meeting Letter and Location Application

All applicants shall hold a neighborhood meeting, per UDO paragraphs 3.2.3 and 3.4.4 prior to submitting an application, but after a pre-application conference, for the following development proposals: Comprehensive Plan amendment; zoning map change that requires a traffic impact analysis; conservation subdivision, annexations, and other applications as specified in the UDO.

Please download and complete the Approval of a Neighborhood Meeting Letter and Location (PDF) form, Neighborhood Meeting Notification Letter Template, and submit it to staff at
Neighborhood Meeting Approval 20190821

Retrieving ​Neighborhood Meeting Addresses

The City of Durham and Durham County currently offers a quick and user-friendly system, via the DurhamMaps online GIS, for applicants to retrieve addresses for required neighborhood meetings. Please follow the steps included in the link below to obtain the required addresses. Address information will be available for download via a comma-separated values(csv) file. 

Go to the Meeting Address Instructions and DurhamMaps to complete the required neighborhood meeting requirements.
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