Cultural Arts Capacity Building Grants

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Photo by Estlin Haiss

About the Program

The FY18 Cultural Arts Capacity Building Grant program is an initiative of the General Services Department's Cultural Advisory Board to fund scholarships for Durham City or County arts and cultural organization representatives to attend professional development training. Individual grants up to $2,300 each shall be awarded by a competitive application process juried by the Cultural Advisory Board. The program is funded by the Durham Cultural Master Plan, a joint program of the City of Durham and Durham County approved by the City Council and Board of County Commissioners in 2004.

Who Should Apply?
  • Representatives from cultural arts organizations residing within the City of Durham or Durham County limits.
  • Representatives from non-profit organizations (or from organizations that have applied for non-profit status using a fiscal agent) that have been in existence for six months or more.
Eligible Expenses
The Capacity Building Grant Program will only fund the following expenditures:
  • Training expenses for conferences, workshops, master classes, coaching sessions, etc. that will further the professional development of the organization's representative and organization at large. Expenses toward a degree program are not eligible.
  • Travel expenses to specific workshops, auditions, retreats, or seminars. Expenses must be reasonable, and are only funded up to $2,300 per organization, with a 1 to 3 organization to city matching requirement.

How to Apply

Deadline to Apply: April 13, 2018 by 11:59 PM MST
  1. Review the grant guidelines to determine eligibility.
  2. Submit your application here.
  3. Complete the project budget sheet here, and attach to online application. 

Capacity Building Grants Timeline - 1st Round 2018

Milestone Date
Grant Cycle opens and applications available March 9
Applications Due
April 13 by 11:59 PM MST
Cultural Advisory Board review of applications April 18
Grant award announcement Early May
Financial Report Due 30 days after return
Final presentation to CAB due 30 days after return